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The End is A New Start

My roller-coaster ride of emotions started that November day when I first listened to my friend about Fairy Tail, and how I became a fan of it.

By watching that one anime, I shed tears, I laughed out loud, my brain thought broader, my mind was more open. My vocabulary grew bigger, my grammer became better, my attention span is now greater. All because of that single anine, that opened me to many more.

But it’s sad, that the final chapter of the manga just got published recently. I’m happy I knew the end, but I’m sad that it finally ended.

I’m happy my ship sailed,

these balls of fluff got reincarnated,

and that the adventure will go on behind the scenes.

It’s hard to say goodbye. But they say, “An ending leads to a new beginning.

So, as we say goodbye to the manga and wait for the final season to get these pages animated, let’s open our hearts to new anime and manga, keeping Fairy Tail close to our hearts. We have yet to watch all anime there is. We may find something as good, or better than this one, but we can never forget what happened when this was still our number one.

This is my best hello, and hardest goodbye.

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So, I am also gonna post it here. I know I’ve been inactive for months, but just let me rant here about two things.

NUMBER ONE — The Miyu issue at AX2017 

I don’t want to out the link of that report but . . .

You know what, I will. Click here and see for yourself.
So, have you read it? Either way, I’m gonna rant here. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK

So, first of all, whoever you are, PLEASE chill. Okay? I’ve seen a lot of reactions about this report, and I agree with them. 

Like, dude. Please understand. I’m pleading you not for Miyu but for me as a Miyu fan. 

First off, you are not in a M&G Miyu event. Second, you don’t know what happened backstage. You don’t know if those really were “orders from Irino”. You don’t know what happened in Miyu’s side, and there you allow your fingers to type.

I’m not saying this report is nonsense, because believe me when I tell you that I imagines myself in this person’s shoes. It is frustrating. But PLEASE try to analyze and understand what is going on.

And for the nth time, Miyu went out of his way to attend AX even if his schedule might’ve been busy, because he is still in his hiatus. PLEASE appreciate Miyu’s efforts.

If you were in the zone as you were watching anime or listening to a really good Drama CD and somebody asked you to do something for them, would you do it? Normally, a human being won’t. So, Miyu must be really thoughtful and considerate. THIS MIGHT HAVE BEEN A REALLY BIG SACRIFICE IN MIYU’S SIDE.

Okay. I’ll stop here.

NUMBER TWO — Terashii’s (and other seiyuus) marriage

Okay, this one is a real pain in the brain.


Read here.

Moving on…

So, I am really happy about this. I am a Terashii fan, but I’m not the kind of fan who would want to marry him. But I’m really happy for him!

I know it must be hard for those fans who have Terashii as their number one baeyuu, but I’m proud of those who will accept it and support him.

But for those who will hate this ship . . . EDI WOW. I don’t think there’s an English term for this, and even if there is, I will still use this.

According to other posts like these on various social medias, when Kamiyan (Hiroshi Kamiya) announced about his marriage and his child there are fans who got angry and STOPPED being his fan. 

I mean, I was sad when I knew since Kamiyan was basically my first love, but I eventually got over it and supported the man. But, dude! I would get it if you were angry because that would be human impulse, but stopped being his fan? No offense included but, maybe you weren’t really his fan in the first place.

#RespectSeiyuus #DontBeASeiyuuBasher

I’ll stop there before an alter ego of mine takes over my fingers.

I’m sorry for being inactive, once again! Until next time!

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TsukiUta Fanfiction: “Will You Be Mine?” [Shimotsuki Shun x OC x Mutsuki Hajime]

There she was, fidgeting her fingers in nervousness, as she looked at the two males kneeling down at her. And as she was about to open her mouth to speak, they simultaneously cut her off.

“Will you be mine?”


“Yes, sir! I’ll do my best!” the girl bowed, putting her long lavender hair with white highlights in a slight mess.

“You may go now,” the president of the Tsukino Productions said, dismissing the young girl, as she went out of the president’s office and jumped in celebration.

“Yes! Hinokawa Yui got the job!” she celebrated, raising her fists in the air.

“Mm? If it isn’t Hinokawa-san,” she turned from where she heard the voice to see the white-haired Procella leader.

“Shimotsuki-san! Good afternoon!” she greeted as she bowed down.

“You look so happy. What happened?”

“I was–”

“Haha, I was just kidding. I know thay you’ve been assigned as the leader in the production team for the Full Moon Festival. Congratulations!” he answered, leaving the girl in front of him, shocked.

“How did you know?”

“Hajime, the director and I were talkong about it. Well, good luck!” Shimotsuki Shun told her as he waved walking away, his figure disappearing.

Feeling ecstatic, Hinokawa Yui, the current leader for the Production Team of the Full Moon Festival, happily walked back to her office to pick up some papers before going to the arena where the Full Moon Festival will be held.

“Ow–” as she was about to fall, she felt two hands supporting her arms.

“Are you okay?” she flinched as she heard a deep familiar voice.

“I-I’m okay, Mutsuki-san!” she stuttered as she stood up straight with the help of Gravi’s leader.

“Be careful next time,” she only nodded in response as Mutsuki Hajime, started to walk away. “Congratulations on the job, by the way,” he added making the girl blush from the greeting.


“Cheers to Hinokawa-san!” a bubbly voice beamed as they all toasted, as the sound of their glasses colliding, echoed throughout the room.

“Like I said, Kakeru, you don’t need to celebrate! And neither should any of you!” Yui said as she pinched the blond boy’s ears and looked at Koi, Rui, Iku, You, Yoru, Arata and Aoi.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, Hinokawa-san! You’ve always been there for us ever since both Gravi and Procella started. So, this celebration for your assignment at the Full Moon Festival is okay!” Aoi said reassuringly, as the female just sighed in exasperation.

“Besides, it’s not as if we’re drinking alcohol. This is juice!” You yelled as he drank from his glass.

“He’s secretly wishing there would be a legit alcoholic drink here, though,” Yoru commented making the rest of the group giggle.

“Well, if you say so,” Yui said as she drank from her glass, then coughed afterwards. “I thought you said no alcohol?!” the lavender-haired girl screamed in shock.

“Ah, sorry we’re late,” they all turned to see Kai and Haru, removing their shoes to join the party.

“And sorry, because I told them to make you drink, Yui,” Kai said as he sat down besides her.

“You should be thankful, Yui-san. You is itching to drink alcohol,” Koi told her.

“But he has to make an appearance for a live show tomorrow morning,” she continued as she drank.

“She complained when she drank alcohol, but she’s enjoying it now,” Iku remarked as he poured more juice to his bottle. 

“Where’s Shun?” Rui asked.

“Also, Hajime-san is not here,” Arata added.

“Shun has an interview,” Kai answered Rui.

“Hajime has a shooting for a new advertisement,” Haru replied.

“Don’t mind them, let’s get this party started!” You cheered.

“It already started though,” Aoi commented.


“Ugh,” the production leader groaned as she tried to shift to her side but for some reason, she couldn’t.

Yui tried once more to face her right, but she felt arms over her. waist stopping her. Feeling defeated, she just sighed and let it go.

Wait, she thought. Wasn’t I drinking with Kai and Haru?

As she opened her eyes, her vision was attracted by white hair to her left and purple hair to her right.

“Shimotsuki-san?! Mutsuki-san?!” she screamed as she immediately covered her mouth, realizing they were still asleep. She observed the two males to see Hajime facing the edge of the bed as Shun was apparently hugging the girl’s waist.

“Shh, I’m sleeping,” Shun softly said, sending chills to Yui’s back. Due to the commotion, Hajime started to move. Scared of waking up the Gravi leader, Yui softly rubbed Hajime’s hair as he seemed to have calmed down.

“Oh my goodness, what am I going to do?” she told herself as she leaned her head on her hands.

As she was thinking on what to do, she saw Hajime stood up and the edge of her eyes.

“Hinokawa-san, what are you doing here?” he asked her as he stood up, where the purple-eyed girl stood up, following him.

“I’m sorry Mutsuki-san! Even I don’t know what’s going on!” she apologized, bowing down.

“It must’ve been Shun’s doing, then,” Hajime concluded as he gave a glare to the white-haired idol.

“I’m really sorry,” she apologized once more.

“It’s alright. Sit down for a while, I’m just gonna go change my shirt and let’s eat breakfast.”

“Okay,” was her only reply as she sat down on the edge of the bed, looking at her hands to not see the bare torso of the purple-haired leader.

“Come on, Hinokawa-san. Look up. Hajime has really good back muscles, you know?” she winced when she heard a very bewitching voice on her right ear.

“I’m done. Let’s go–Ah, Shun, you’re awake,” Hajime stated as he blandly looked over the both of them.

“To be awoken with the sight of beautiful lavender locks and amazing back muscles, is truly a blessing for me,” he stated as he leaned his hands on the bed besides Yui.

“Stop the nonsense. Let’s go,” Hajime declared leaving the two with no choice, but to follow him. As they arrived in the kitchen, the rest of the members of both idol groups were present.


“Ahre, ahre?”

Were the reactions they got from them.

“G-good morning!” Yui greeted as she bowed down, feeling the awkwardness as 10 pairs of eyes were on him.

“Now, now, everyone. Stop staring at her. She’s getting embarrassed,” Shun said, defending the girl as he held her shoulders.

“Anyway, come eat breakfast, Shun-san, Hajime-san, Yui-san,” Yoru invited them as they all sat down.

“Yui-san, would you like to sit on my lap?” You jokingly asked as he received an immediate smack in the head from Kai.

“Sit here, Yui,” Haru ushered the girl at the edge of the table, setting in between Shun and Hajime.

“Hmmm? Mm,” they heard mumbling from the other end to see the blond idol framing his hands into two L’s enclosing the three at the other edge within his hands. “This love triangle is not bad,” Kakeru concluded with a triumphant face.

“Eh? Who are you talking about?” Yui questioned as she turned her head to left and right.

“I an amazed by how dense, Yui-san is, sometimes. Of course I’m talking about Hajime-san, you and Shun-san!” Kakeru whined as he went back to his seat.

“Kakeru, we’re in the table. Use your etiquette,” the said boy immediately behaved when he heard their leader’s voice.


“Don’t be such a killjoy, Hajime. Kakeru is young, let him have fun!” the White Demon King ended with a loud chuckle as he started to eat the breakfast prepared by Yoru and Aoi.

“Mm! This is delicious!” the production leader exclaimed as she took a bite from her food.

“Thank you!” both of the cooks from each group thanked.

“Next time, could you cook for us, Hinokawa-san?” Shun jokingly told as Yui just coughed in response.

“Yeah! Yui-san’s cooking is the best!” Koi praised, raising his utensils.

“Eh? You cook? I never tried it before,” You commented.

“I-it’s not that amazing–”

“She made a really delicious cake without flour,” Rui added, touching his chin as he thought.


“What?! No flour?! That’s shocking,” Arata said with his straight face unchanged.

“So she should, right?”



Hinokawa Yui’s PoV

Many weeks have passed and the Full Moon Festival is having a big progress. The joint song is finished, their dances are polished, everything is perfect!


“Ah! Ah, it’s you, Haru. What is it?” I asked the male in glasses as he approached me with piles of paper in hand.

“Why were you so surprised?”

“N-nothing. I was just shocked,” I replied to him as he took s seat besides me.

“I was here with instructions for you for the Full Moon Festival but, you seem like you need help. What happened?”

“Umm,” I trailed off, not knowing what to say, and whether I should say it or not.

“Come on, Yui. We’ve been together in this busoness for so long already. Tell me,” he said in a persuading voice, as I had no choice but to spill.


I was at the event grounds, monitoring how’s the preparation for the event. While I was at the backstage, checking the rooms, I saw a room that was occupied.

“Hello? Is anybody here?” I asked.

“I’m inside. Taking a shower,” was what I heard. This sounds like Hajime.

“Eh? Is that so?” I said as I looked around.

“Hinokawa? Is that you?”

“Yes, it’s me, Mutsuki-san,” I replied. As I was about to tell him that I was about to leave, I saw a crumpled paper on the table.
‘Do you like Yui? 

   Yes or No’

‘To: Hajime 

From: Procella’
This sounds like something Shun would do–wait, he answered–

“Hinokawa?” I heard a voice call me as I flinched to see a barely dry Shimotsuki Hajime with only towel around his waist.

“Ah–I’m not supposed to be here! If you’ll excuse me please!” I bowed in apology as I ran out of the door.

~end of flashback~

“So that’s what happened,” Haru commented as he fixed his glasses.

“The thing is, I saw the Yes being encircled, Haru! He likes me! How? When? Where? Why?” I bombarded him with questions.

“Don’t ask me that sort of stuff. Go talk to him yourself.”

“Eh? No. But the thing is–”

“Haru–Eh? Yui?” Kai came in the door.

“Kai!” I wailed like a hungry baby.

“Umm, Yayoi Haru-san? You’re being called to the stage for a Gravi practice,” a staff came in after knocking in.

“See you later. And do what you think is best, Yui!” he yelled before running off.

“So? What’s up with you?” Kai asked me as I just exasperatedly sighed. “Is it about Shun?”

“Kind of?”

“Tell me.”

“You sound like a gossip girl, but okay.”


I was running away from that room, to avoid more interactions with Mutsuki-san. My heart can’t take it anymore. And as I was running, I was suddenlt pulled into a small alley that’s hidden throught the hallways, where green pair of orbs welcomed me.

“Hello, my little rabbit,” he teasingly whispered.

“Hello, Shimotsuki-san!” I replied, tense covering my entire body.

“Why were you running?” he questioned as he leaned on the wall, increasing the gap between us in this small alley.

“Uhm–that’s because–I can’t tell you,” I sighed as I looked down.

“Mm,” I only heard him say. Then, I felt his hands lift my cheeks up as he leaned  his hands on the wall, trapping me in his arms. “Don’t go to anyone else but me, okay?” I could only nod in response as he let go of me and walked ahead of me.

~end of flashback~

“So that’s why you’re all awkward now and extra self-conscious!” Kai concluded as Haru came in the room.


I told Kai my story with Hajime and Haru about Shun.

“Well, I can’t blame them. Yui is really pretty and dependable, so . . .” Kai started.

“It can’t be helped, right?” Haru continued.

“Anyway, we only have 3 days, until the Full Moon Festival. Forget about those for now, okay?”



“Tsuki no Uta!” they all sang together and danced more. As the song ended their fans screamed hysterically.

“As we end this event, I want to take time to give everyone my gratitude,” Hajime started, slowly calming down the crowd. “Thank you to all of you who came all the way here just to watch our performance,” he bowed as the rest of the members on the stage bowed down as well.

“And of course, we want to give thanks to the people behind the scenes. To the cameramen, to the music coordinators, event managers and staff, thank you!” Shun added.

“But, there’s one more special person.”

“And we would like to call her up to the stage,” and at the edge of the stage I saw Kai and Haru lead the rest of the group to the back stage.

“Please come up, Hinokawa Yui,” they both simultaneously said, as the spotlight turned to me.

“What?!” then, I felt two hands push my back where I saw Haru and Kai smirking at me.

“Hinokawa, thank you. For being there from the start and never leaving Gravi even though we’ve caused you a lot of trouble,” Mustuki-san stated as he held my right hand.

“Yui, even though I tease you a lot, and bully you a lot, you put up with my randomness, and stayed patient. Thank you, for everything,” Shimotsuki-san held my left hand tightly.

“Shun and I have talked about this,” the Gravi leader started.

“And we decided to leave everything to you,” the white-haired man continued.

I fidgeted my hands in nervouseness as both of them kneeled in front of me, as they simultaneously ask;

“Will you be mine?”

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Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 暗殺教室)

“This is your new teacher. Please kill him.”

Isn’t this the weirdest line a student will hear? Well, of course it is! Same goes for Kunugigaoka Junior High’s Class 3-E.

Earth is threatened by an enormously powerful monster who destroyed 70% of the Moon with its power, permanently rending it into the shape of a crescent. The monster claims that within a year, Earth will also be destroyed by him, but he offers mankind a chance to avert this fate. In class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School, he starts working as a homeroom teacher where he teaches his students not only regular subjects, but the ways of assassination. The Japanese government promises a reward of ¥10 billion (i.e. 100 million USD) to whoever among the students succeeds in killing the monster, whom they have named “Koro-sensei” (殺せんせー Korosensē?, a pun on korosenai (殺せない, unkillable) and sensei (先生, teacher)). However, this has proven to be an almost impossible task, as not only does he have several superpowers at his disposal, including the capacity of moving at Mach 20, but he is also the best teacher they’ve ever had, helping them not only to improve their grades, but also their individual skills and perspectives for the future.

As the series goes on, the entire situation gets even more complicated as other assassins come after Koro-sensei’s life, some coveting the reward, others for personal reasons, and the students eventually learn the secrets involving him, the Moon’s destruction and his ties with their previous homeroom teacher, including the true reason why he must be killed before the end of the year term.

Assassination Classroom, for me at least, is the best school anime/manga ever! It’s applicable for all ages, all gender and all species. It teaches the viewers different things about school and life.

It has two seasons, wherein season one had 22 episodes and season 2 had 25. Belive me when I tell you, that it is a must watch anime, from the beginning to the end.

This anime was introduced to me by a friend, because he told me that there was a red head hottie. 

And of course! Since I’m a fangirl who has a red hair fetish, I had to watch it.

But as I kept on watching, it wasn’t just tvis red head kept me in, but the story. It naturally clings on to you, until it’s too late to realize that you’re already trapped in the AC fandom.

I guess that’s that. 

I’m sorry I haven’t been active lately. I’ll be most likelt posting about a voice actor next, so stay tuned!

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Zankyou no Terror

What are the similarities of Nine and Twelve? Both are multiples of three? Both are numbers? That may be so, but there’s another similarity!

Both of them survived from a burnt-down mental facility.

In an alernate iteration of the present, Tokyo has been hit by a terrorist attack that devastated thecity. The only evidence of the culprits is a cryptic video uploaded to the internet, which sparks the paranoia across Japan. Unbeknownst to the authorities is that the terrorisy masterminds–who call themselves “Sphinx”(スピンクス Supinkusu)– are two teenaged boys who go by the names Nine and Twelve. Though they apparently should not exist, they have nonetheless decided to “wake up the world” with their heinous plans of destruction, with their fingers on the trigger.

Zankyou no Terror Synopsis ©Wikipedia

Watching the first episode, it intrigued me. It made me think that, “Ah! This is another thriller-type story!” But it wasn’t just any thriller-type story. At least for me it isn’t. 

I watched this anime, like, 4 months ago. But I can’t stop fangirling whenever I think about it.

“Revenge is never the answer.” or so they say. But if your freedom was just taken away from you by force, when you could’ve had fun for the first 8 years of your life, of course, you would want to get revenge!

 It wasn’t just Nine and Twelve. All the other characters made a great impact as well. Mishima Lisa, Shibazaki and Five. They carried out their wishes until their death, ao they can die in satisfaction.

I also love how they make the tiniest details to make up for their riddles. Even the clues they left are a big part of the answer! Even their movements make a great part! 

Tiny spoiler ahead❕‼

In the end, Mishima Lisa revealed to Shibazaki that Nine always listened to music from a cold country–Iceland. And in Icelandic language, Von means hope.

That’s it! If you have watched this, you can comment it down, or commenr down your reactions after watching it! You can also PM me on my social media accounts, which are mostly in the username JhaePanda.

If you have any anime blog requests, you can comment it down. I don’t do reviews. Or it can also be Wattpad Anime Fanfics. Thankyou!

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Haikyuu! ハイキユー

Volleyball–a game in which two teams of players hit a large ball back and forth over a high net. 

©Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Many people make up the volleyball world. The players, coaches, trainors, referees, audiences and fans. Its form come in many form. Live streaming, replaying, broadcasting, story and even an anime and a manga! And thanks to Furudate Haruichi, the anime and volleyball fans’dream came true as he made the manga series Haikyuu! happen.


Hinata Shouyou, upon seeing a volleyball match, aimed to become “The Small Giant”, and joins his middle school volleyball club. After finding new members, they set out to the middle school tournamenr, where they’ve crossed paths with a formidable school, with the “King of the Upper Court”, Kageyama Tobio. Although they lost, Shouyou is still determined to aim for the top and exact revenge on Kageyama. Upon entering high school, he received the biggest surprise–he and Kageyama are on the same school and club!

Haikyuu Synopsis ©

And so, Shouyou’s adventure started.

I can’t find a proper introduction for this topic, because I haven’t even watched the episodes 1-6 of the first season. But, from where I started, I immediately knew something. This anime is gonna give me anotger different perspective in life.

And it did.

Everyone, not just from Karasuno but the whole anime, showed me their deepest tenacity. Everyone had their own idea of teamwork and style.

I am a little bit behind the anime (because currently, I only watched until season 2) but I still love it overall! 

I’m a sloth, and this is one of the few animes that made me feel more motivated about doing something. Such as this, volleyball. After watching season 1, I planned on starting a volleyball club in my school, but since we don’t have a coach and an adviser, my suggestion failed.

I don’t really know how to end this, but I would recommend it to anime fans! Especially sports fans! Its animation is lit, its voice actors did a great job, and its strategic tactics is really realistic.

If you do watch it, PM me in any of my social media accounts, or comment down below, so we can fangirl/fanboy together!

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My Fairy Tail

One November Day, as my 11-year-old self write my English notes, my best friend tugged me by my shoulders. I tried to pry her off, but it didn’t work. This girl is so persuasively clingy, I thought to myself as I finally gave her my attention.

She was just talking, and just like I always do, I pretend to listen, until she showed me a picture. 

“That’s Erza, Lucy, Natsu and Gray from left to right respectively,” she told me with her wide grin. “And that little flying kitty is Happy,” she added.

“That’s a cat?!”

And that’s where it all started.

I found Gray Fullbuster attractive, and claimed him as mine. But that was before I watched the series. I just kept on seeing pictures from my best friend. But that was before I saw a pirated CD at the market. I saw a whole Season 1-3 so I bought the three of them immediately.

“Aren’t you getting tired of that?” my mother asked me as my eyes never left the TV screen, displaying my beloved Gray fight Lyon, his long-lost friend.

“Sorry, Mom. I can’t focus on your question,” I answered her as I kept watching.

“Who’s the black-haired dude?” my 8-years-old sister asked me.

“He’s Gray, and he’s mine!”

I continued watching, and continued possessing Gray until I came upon a new arc, where it showed Gray’s supposed-to-be “partner”, Juvia  Lockser. The moment I saw their fight, I immediately shipped them, and moved on.

Whenever I would watch it at home, my family, or my cousins, aunt and uncles would always ask me with the same questions, “Do you understand that?” and I would always answer with the, “There are subtitles!” and that’s where I learned a few Japanese words.
After many seasons, I finally finished what I watched, until the next year, the early months of 2014, I finished its season 4, the Grand Magic Games Arc. 

After finishing that season, and while watching the other seasons as well, I watched a bunch of anime too. Such as Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Special A, Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000%, Kuroko’s Basketball  and many more.

After being informed of the new season of the anime, I immediately went to the anime site I always watch at, and watched the first episode. My eyes were sparkling in amazement as I see new adventures and new powers of my favorite characters. I watched them all, until they stopped airing, and I stopped watching.

Although the anime is finished, I continued to read the manga. Some chapters made me ecstatic, while some others made my tear fell. I never experienced so much roller coaster ride with my feelings as passenger.

Up until now, waiting week by week for a new chapter, my love for the anime never disappeared. And because of that love, I shared the same adoration to other series. And that’s where it started. The ending is still far, but for now, this is  My Fairy Tail.

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All about JhaePanda

Hey! First blog. I have no idea what to post about, but here it is. my first post on my first blog. 
Let me tell you that as I type this blog, I am chatting with somebody who makes the shape of my eyes heart, not circle, so pleas bear with this if you think there are major parts where I had total mood swings.
So, as my first post in my first blog, I’m gonna tell you some stuff about me and my interest, so you’ll have an idea of what I’m gonna be blogging about the next few days, weeks, months and years.
Okay . . . Here goes . . .
First off, I totally have NO IDEA what a blog is. I see it a lot around me and around the net, so I was wondering what the heck is a blog, so here I am, typing. I hope this will somehow make me become a better netizen.

Here are random fifteen facts about me.

  1. I am polypolar. I’m not bipolar because I don’t switch in two sides, I switch in more than 5 sides at the same time.
  3. I’m very sarcastic. People get mad at me for that. But I don’t care. My crush said more than once, “Be proud of yourself”.
  4. I LOVE PANDAS. That’s obvious with my username. And I ALSO LOVE HUSKIES. But a good friend of mine told me, I look like a panda and my voice is husky.
  5. I’m a proud Aries.
  7. I’m a Christian but I am open-minded and I’m willing to listen about other religions and I am curios about them so if we don’t have the same beliefs, you can talk to me about it, because I’m willing to read or listen. Whichever.
  8. I’m a #ProudATCFamI
  9.  am a Wattpad Writer.
  10. I find my best friend’s typos a very great potential. They are an amazing gold.
  11. I am very compassionate and very aggressive.
  12. I find the phrase “Bakod’bakod ba!” very funny.
  13. I appreciate literally everything.
  14. I’m an OTAKU
  15. I am a proud WWE Fan 

So yeah . . . That’s all for now. Until next time!

Here’s my social media: