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The End is A New Start

My roller-coaster ride of emotions started that November day when I first listened to my friend about Fairy Tail, and how I became a fan of it.

By watching that one anime, I shed tears, I laughed out loud, my brain thought broader, my mind was more open. My vocabulary grew bigger, my grammer became better, my attention span is now greater. All because of that single anine, that opened me to many more.

But it’s sad, that the final chapter of the manga just got published recently. I’m happy I knew the end, but I’m sad that it finally ended.

I’m happy my ship sailed,

these balls of fluff got reincarnated,

and that the adventure will go on behind the scenes.

It’s hard to say goodbye. But they say, “An ending leads to a new beginning.

So, as we say goodbye to the manga and wait for the final season to get these pages animated, let’s open our hearts to new anime and manga, keeping Fairy Tail close to our hearts. We have yet to watch all anime there is. We may find something as good, or better than this one, but we can never forget what happened when this was still our number one.

This is my best hello, and hardest goodbye.



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