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So, I am also gonna post it here. I know I’ve been inactive for months, but just let me rant here about two things.

NUMBER ONE — The Miyu issue at AX2017 

I don’t want to out the link of that report but . . .

You know what, I will. Click here and see for yourself.
So, have you read it? Either way, I’m gonna rant here. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK

So, first of all, whoever you are, PLEASE chill. Okay? I’ve seen a lot of reactions about this report, and I agree with them. 

Like, dude. Please understand. I’m pleading you not for Miyu but for me as a Miyu fan. 

First off, you are not in a M&G Miyu event. Second, you don’t know what happened backstage. You don’t know if those really were “orders from Irino”. You don’t know what happened in Miyu’s side, and there you allow your fingers to type.

I’m not saying this report is nonsense, because believe me when I tell you that I imagines myself in this person’s shoes. It is frustrating. But PLEASE try to analyze and understand what is going on.

And for the nth time, Miyu went out of his way to attend AX even if his schedule might’ve been busy, because he is still in his hiatus. PLEASE appreciate Miyu’s efforts.

If you were in the zone as you were watching anime or listening to a really good Drama CD and somebody asked you to do something for them, would you do it? Normally, a human being won’t. So, Miyu must be really thoughtful and considerate. THIS MIGHT HAVE BEEN A REALLY BIG SACRIFICE IN MIYU’S SIDE.

Okay. I’ll stop here.

NUMBER TWO — Terashii’s (and other seiyuus) marriage

Okay, this one is a real pain in the brain.


Read here.

Moving on…

So, I am really happy about this. I am a Terashii fan, but I’m not the kind of fan who would want to marry him. But I’m really happy for him!

I know it must be hard for those fans who have Terashii as their number one baeyuu, but I’m proud of those who will accept it and support him.

But for those who will hate this ship . . . EDI WOW. I don’t think there’s an English term for this, and even if there is, I will still use this.

According to other posts like these on various social medias, when Kamiyan (Hiroshi Kamiya) announced about his marriage and his child there are fans who got angry and STOPPED being his fan. 

I mean, I was sad when I knew since Kamiyan was basically my first love, but I eventually got over it and supported the man. But, dude! I would get it if you were angry because that would be human impulse, but stopped being his fan? No offense included but, maybe you weren’t really his fan in the first place.

#RespectSeiyuus #DontBeASeiyuuBasher

I’ll stop there before an alter ego of mine takes over my fingers.

I’m sorry for being inactive, once again! Until next time!



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