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Haikyuu! ハイキユー

Volleyball–a game in which two teams of players hit a large ball back and forth over a high net. 

©Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Many people make up the volleyball world. The players, coaches, trainors, referees, audiences and fans. Its form come in many form. Live streaming, replaying, broadcasting, story and even an anime and a manga! And thanks to Furudate Haruichi, the anime and volleyball fans’dream came true as he made the manga series Haikyuu! happen.


Hinata Shouyou, upon seeing a volleyball match, aimed to become “The Small Giant”, and joins his middle school volleyball club. After finding new members, they set out to the middle school tournamenr, where they’ve crossed paths with a formidable school, with the “King of the Upper Court”, Kageyama Tobio. Although they lost, Shouyou is still determined to aim for the top and exact revenge on Kageyama. Upon entering high school, he received the biggest surprise–he and Kageyama are on the same school and club!

Haikyuu Synopsis ©

And so, Shouyou’s adventure started.

I can’t find a proper introduction for this topic, because I haven’t even watched the episodes 1-6 of the first season. But, from where I started, I immediately knew something. This anime is gonna give me anotger different perspective in life.

And it did.

Everyone, not just from Karasuno but the whole anime, showed me their deepest tenacity. Everyone had their own idea of teamwork and style.

I am a little bit behind the anime (because currently, I only watched until season 2) but I still love it overall! 

I’m a sloth, and this is one of the few animes that made me feel more motivated about doing something. Such as this, volleyball. After watching season 1, I planned on starting a volleyball club in my school, but since we don’t have a coach and an adviser, my suggestion failed.

I don’t really know how to end this, but I would recommend it to anime fans! Especially sports fans! Its animation is lit, its voice actors did a great job, and its strategic tactics is really realistic.

If you do watch it, PM me in any of my social media accounts, or comment down below, so we can fangirl/fanboy together!



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2 thoughts on “Haikyuu! ハイキユー

  1. I’m almost finished the first season of this (it was endlessly recommended by other bloggers so I’ve been attempting to watch and review two episodes a week). I’m surprised by how much I’m enjoying it given I’m not much into sports anime but this is really just fun to watch. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

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