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My Fairy Tail

One November Day, as my 11-year-old self write my English notes, my best friend tugged me by my shoulders. I tried to pry her off, but it didn’t work. This girl is so persuasively clingy, I thought to myself as I finally gave her my attention.

She was just talking, and just like I always do, I pretend to listen, until she showed me a picture. 

“That’s Erza, Lucy, Natsu and Gray from left to right respectively,” she told me with her wide grin. “And that little flying kitty is Happy,” she added.

“That’s a cat?!”

And that’s where it all started.

I found Gray Fullbuster attractive, and claimed him as mine. But that was before I watched the series. I just kept on seeing pictures from my best friend. But that was before I saw a pirated CD at the market. I saw a whole Season 1-3 so I bought the three of them immediately.

“Aren’t you getting tired of that?” my mother asked me as my eyes never left the TV screen, displaying my beloved Gray fight Lyon, his long-lost friend.

“Sorry, Mom. I can’t focus on your question,” I answered her as I kept watching.

“Who’s the black-haired dude?” my 8-years-old sister asked me.

“He’s Gray, and he’s mine!”

I continued watching, and continued possessing Gray until I came upon a new arc, where it showed Gray’s supposed-to-be “partner”, Juvia  Lockser. The moment I saw their fight, I immediately shipped them, and moved on.

Whenever I would watch it at home, my family, or my cousins, aunt and uncles would always ask me with the same questions, “Do you understand that?” and I would always answer with the, “There are subtitles!” and that’s where I learned a few Japanese words.
After many seasons, I finally finished what I watched, until the next year, the early months of 2014, I finished its season 4, the Grand Magic Games Arc. 

After finishing that season, and while watching the other seasons as well, I watched a bunch of anime too. Such as Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Special A, Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000%, Kuroko’s Basketball  and many more.

After being informed of the new season of the anime, I immediately went to the anime site I always watch at, and watched the first episode. My eyes were sparkling in amazement as I see new adventures and new powers of my favorite characters. I watched them all, until they stopped airing, and I stopped watching.

Although the anime is finished, I continued to read the manga. Some chapters made me ecstatic, while some others made my tear fell. I never experienced so much roller coaster ride with my feelings as passenger.

Up until now, waiting week by week for a new chapter, my love for the anime never disappeared. And because of that love, I shared the same adoration to other series. And that’s where it started. The ending is still far, but for now, this is  My Fairy Tail.



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4 thoughts on “My Fairy Tail

  1. This was such a cute post to read about how you got Into fairy tail. I love This series a lot myself but behind on the anime and never read the Manga yet lol 😂 I enjoyed reading your post and use of using quotations as a personal touch

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